Shane Decker, president of Ex-Sell-Ence, Shane Decker Sales Academy, has a calling - helping salespeople achieve "ex-sell-ence".

He discovered the truths, he now shares, at an early age when he took a job at a jewelry store in Garden City, Kansas. "Only one person in 10 has ever held a 1-carat diamond," Shane says. "So you show it to them and let them hold it; it makes them feel privileged."

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Shane started showing 1-carat diamonds to every customer that entered the store and vowed to sell 100 - a farfetched goal for a store that sold fewer than 10 such diamonds the previous year. "That year I missed my goal. I sold 72," he reports. "The next year I broke 100 and then sold well over 100 in each of the three remaining years I worked there."

With the fervor of a televangelist, Shane teaches retailers the anatomy of a sale, how to handle objections, closing skills, the art of the turnover, to recognize sales profiles and much more.

Shane’s sales secrets have been published in numerous trade publications. He has provided much sought-after sales training for more than 3,000 stores worldwide.

Congratulation to Shane Decker for being this year's Legends award recipient

Lee Krombholz states, Shane has been a wonderful contributor to the jewelers in our region. This is a well deserved award! (from Mid-America Facebook page)