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Thank You for sharing and caring. You are a inspiration and a blessing to this industry. Thank You for what you do. This industry is in a better place because of you. God Bless. Read More
I have learned more than I ever imagined possible about the jewelry industry, all in a fun way and without having to go to school!
Every jeweler should hire Shane, he makes your life so much easier! Your staff will get a 2 day "boot camp" which gets them back on their game selling on the floor. I like to have him to my store right before the holiday season begins. This way all of ... way all of my team members are sharp and focused on selling. He also spends extensive one on one time with each team member. What I like most about this, is that your staff gets someone (who has your back) to vent about things, get advice on sales or situations, and Shane is also really good when it comes to discussing issues that you might have been to scared to discuss with staff. Your staff needs someone to talk to other than each other or you! Shane and I do a great job of "good guy, bad guy", and this is has worked exceptionally well. Besides working with staff, the one on one time as a business owner is truly what I enjoy the best. He helps me get my act together and points me in the right direction. As owners I think it is really important to have someone to bounce ideas off of, look over your shoulder and tell you if you are making a good or bad decision. There is no doubt that when Shane come to town things happen. The money I give him for his services is more than well spent. Read More

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