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Recently, I bought a Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road. Soon after, I got a thank-you card from the salesperson, I got a note from the service manager telling me he would be my truck’s doctor, I got one from the general manager, one from the dealership owner, a follow-up reminder for free oil changes, and one for a free service inspection. When you get that kind of service after a sale, it makes you want to go in and buy another one someday.

Is that the kind of experience your clients receive?

Strong clienteling can increase each sales associate’s sales numbers by 10 to 30 percent. To be good at clienteling, you have to be consistent and patient. It’s a stamp, a piece of paper, a phone call, an email, an envelope. This is how sales associates advertise.

1. Everyone should receive a thank-you card two weeks after the purchase.
2. Call on all repairs after a week to make sure the client is happy.
3. Send a message to every client who bought something six months ago.
4. Send a letter to clients who have not been in for a year or two.
5. Suggest a service call for clients who have not had appraisals done on a piece of jewelry in five years or more.
6. Follow up on bridal sales.

Clienteling keeps you top-of-mind. It also results in a fair amount of referrals, which have the highest closing ratio of anyone walking in. So remember: what you do after the sale is just as important as what you do when they’re in the store.

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