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"There's good reason GN is the fastest growing diamond company in America, they deserve it! You need to be doing business with them because they have a $70M inventory of exceptionally made diamonds and exceptional fair prices. And they care about helping you sell diamonds using cutting edge technology which works!"   

                         ~~~ Shane Decker, Oct 2018 ~~~


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Why Work With Us?

The GN Diamond Advantage

  1. GN Diamond does not sell to the public or e-commerce
  2. We have access to key market research to improve foot traffic to your store
  3. Over a $70M inventory full of GIA and EGL USA for all of your diamond needs
  4. Our signature cut, the “Forever After” will compete with top brands
  5. Most Competitive Prices for Loose Diamonds in the Industry
  6. Superior customer service
  7. Competitive pricing on the largest selection of 2.00 - 14.00ct twt diamond studs, finished goods and melee for custom and repairs
  8. We help you with your marketing and market research to help propel your business growth
  9. We offer our virtual inventory as your own instore selling tool and on your website with your markup
  10. Open 7 days a week to answer your calls
  11. Free Training